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6 Natural Cancer Killers

Natural Cancer Killers Include Red Chillis

To reduce your risk factors for prostate disease (see prevention of prostate cancer), you should include those nutrients and supplements that have been shown in clinical studies to reduce your risk of disease.

Here are six natural cancer killers to make a part of your diet as much as possible:

1. Cayenne (capsaicin)

Scientists have found that capsaicin slowed growth of prostate cancer cells and encouraged them to “commit suicide” Read more about cayenne

2. Vegetables

Research suggests that cruciferous vegetables are associated with a reduced risk of cancer, including prostate cancer. Read more about vegetables

3. Lycopene (tomatoes)

Numerous studies show lycopene to have properties that enhance prostate health. Read more about lycopene

4. Mushrooms

There is increasing evidence that medicinal mushrooms have cancer-preventive properties, restricting tumor spread (metastasis) and demonstrating anti-tumor activity. Read more about mushrooms

5. Turmeric/curcumin

Scientists have found that turmeric (curcumin) may be effective in the prevention and treatment of prostate cancer. Read more about turmeric/curcumin

6. Vitamin D

Scientists have proposed that adequate exposure to sunlight or oral supplementation might provide a simple way to increase synthesis of vitamin D in the prostate and, therefore, decrease the risk of prostate cancer. Read more about vitamin d


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