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Does Prost-P10x Work? – The Prost-P10x Difference

Does Prost-P10x Work?

Does Prost-P10x Work?

The Prost-P10x® Difference: A Personal Message From the Chairman of Prostate Research Labs

I know you have a lot of choices as to your prostate health and we are often asked “What makes Prost-P10x® so different?” and “Does Prost-P10x Work?”.  We are also compared to cheaper supplements based on price alone and asked “Why is Prost-P10x® more expensive?”.

So before deciding to purchase I hope the following will help you in your decision in allowing us to become a partner in your health & wellness.  I would also like to share with you my personal journey that led to the development of Prost-P10x®.  More on that later.

Prost-P10x® is Formulated by The No.1 Naturopathic Doctor in Men’s Urology

Firstly, Prost-P10x® was personally formulated by Dr. Geo Espinosa N.D, Director of the Integrative Urological Center at NYU Langone Medical Center and former director of clinical trials at the Center for Holistic Urology at Columbia University. Prost-P10x® is based on Dr. Geo’s personal experience as to what works and what doesn’t in his own private practice and his continuing review of the clinical trials and research.  Look at other products on the market and you will be hard pressed to find one that has the level of credibility and professional support of Prost-P10x®. Indeed, I would challenge you try and find any facts or details on who actually did the formulation of any other product that you are considering.

Dr. Geo is a Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine specializing in men’s urology and is the foremost naturopathic doctor in the USA in prostate health as well as being the Chief Science Officer here at Prostate Research Labs. The Prost-P10x® formulation is the exact product that Dr. Geo uses in his practice for his patients so you are getting the same prescription formulation that you would get in the event that you were a patient of Dr. Geo.

So we have the ultimate “testimonial” as to the question, Does Prost-P10x Work?; a tried and true clinical grade supplement prescribed and used successfully by Dr. Geo directly from his practice at NYU Department of Integrative Urology. More on Dr Geo

Your Existing Prostate Supplement is most likely just a “Multivitamin” and you are just wasting your money

When you buy a cheaper consumer prostate supplement you are most likely buying the equivalent of a multivitamin which will have little therapeutic effect on your prostate health. The difference with Prost-P10x® however is that each daily dose contains 3320mg + 1000IU of the exact active ingredients shown to be successful in restoring prostate health in the clinical trials and research studies. Contrary to what other companies lead you to believe, you just cannot get the level of natural ingredients needed to restore prostate health in a single pill. Just to put this in perspective, in order to get the same ingredients in a single daily serving of Prost-P10x® from food you would need to consume all of the following*:

  • 3 cups of green tea
  • 66 apples plus 1.1 lbs wild cranberries
  • Ten 8-oz glasses fortified OJ or 6.6 oz of sockeye salmon
  • 11 cups boiled spinach or 1 cup raw pumpkin seeds + 7.5 cups steamed broccoli
  • 3 oz dry roasted pecans
  • 60 oz (3 ¾ lbs) macadamia nuts
  • 25 cups of cauliflower
  • 3.5 cups of dried black walnuts or 4 ¼ cups dry roasted pistachio nuts (1,666 kernels)

It seems like a lot but it’s true. This is what you would have to eat each day just to get the same benefit from just over half of the ingredients in a single daily dose of Prost-P10x®. All for less than $2.00 a day! Try getting all that, and more, in a single pill! You just cannot do it.

Natural ingredients have “weight” and the more ingredients, the more pills that are required in order to obtain a therapeutic dose. A monthly supply of Prost-P10x® contains 30 individual packets with 6 capsules each packet; containing therapeutic full dosages of 12 natural ingredients. Cheaper prostate supplements generally contain one active ingredient such as beta-sitosterol or non-therapeutic levels of a “proprietary blend” that fails to disclose the individual ingredient levels.  Other companies do this for the sole purpose that they can get away with disclosing how “little” is actually in the formulation. Don’t be fooled by this. And just because a supplement label looks like it has a lot of ingredients, add them up. Chances are they don’t add up to much and you might as well be taking a multivitamin.

When asking yourself the question, Does Prost-P10x Work?, compare any other prostate health brand and see for yourself the substantial difference in quality and levels of ingredients in Prost-P10x® and why it gives you the best chance possible to support your prostate health to more natural levels.

You Get What You Pay For

Yes, Prost-P10x® is more expensive but you get what you pay for, just like a 99 cent Taco. And if you look at it over 6 months compared to cheaper products you are only looking at a few hundred dollars difference.  And you are going to waste those few hundred dollars anyway on another cheaper product that has no effect! Most of our customers are those that have switched from cheaper products after they realize they do not have the level of ingredients that they need to have a successful result. In fact, Prost-P10x® is actually 80% CHEAPER than most consumer supplements when you compare the fact that Prost-P10x® has over 5x the natural ingredients. So please feel free to compare with ANY other prostate supplement and compare our ingredients, quality and manufacturing process before making a purchase.

Single Ingredient Supplements Do Not Provide the Synergistic Benefits of Combination Therapy

One of the comments we often get is how Dr. Geo came up with the formula for Prost-P10x® and “Does Prost-P10x Work?”. In fact it was Dr. Geo’s personal experience with the exact synergistic benefits of the combination of ingredients that led him to formulate Prost-P10x® and that is the difference. Taking a single ingredient did not have the same therapeutic effect of the combination therapy.

Other supplement companies rely mainly on a single ingredient as the lead active component such as beta-sitosterol and usually provide trace elements of other ingredients just to make the formula look like it has a lot of ingredients. This is misleading. Prost-P10x® however has therapeutic levels of 12 active ingredients, not one (which is usually the case with other products).  The combined ingredients in Prost-P10x® add up to over 3320mg + 1000IU of active ingredients in a single serving which is over 5x the ingredients of other products.

Taking a lesser formula to support your prostate health program is like flapping your arms and hoping you will fly. You need an army to fight the war and it is the combination of ingredients in the exact dosages of Prost-P10x® that have been shown to be successful in the clinical trials in supporting men with age related prostate health concerns.

We Don’t Include Anything that hasn’t been Subject to Clinical Trials

It’s also important also to point out when asking the question, “Does Prost-P10x Work?”. that Prost-P10x only includes those natural ingredients that have been subject to successful Tier 1 or Tier 2 clinical trials specific to prostate health. Other companies include trace elements of many other ingredients and most, if not all have never been subject to trials, have no demonstrated effect, or worse, can be harmful to you health (such as selenium or B12). Other companies also rely on the fact that if they describe enough ingredients on their label then it will look substantial and then it must work right! Otherwise known as “the more the better approach” or the “pixie dust” approach. Wrong. If you look at a broad range of ingredients in other brands you will find that there is little or no evidence of any therapeutic effect or clinical trials on those ingredients as they relate to prostate health.

A Personal Message

The truth is that I have a personal stake in Prost-P10x that goes beyond being Chairman of the company. Fifteen years ago, at age 39, I was diagnosed with High Grade PIN (High-grade prostatic intraepithelial neoplasia) that is a potential precursor to prostate cancer. It was a big wake up call about my own health.

I took it upon myself as a personal mission and passion to develop the most therapeutic prostate health supplement possible – that I could then make available to all men.

Prostate Research Labs was formed with Dr. Geo in partnership so as to make clinical grade supplements available to all men in a form that I would personally take daily for my own prostate health. I have more to lose than just “not sleeping through the night” if I don’t have maximum prostate health, which led me to personally oversee every single component of the development and manufacturing; right down to the origin and sourcing of the purest, most natural ingredients.

Prost-P10x is what I personally rely on daily and take religiously to support my future health. No small detail was overlooked right down to the exact form of capsules that had to be in a form that would have no hormonal disruption or any other impact on the dissolution and absorption of the ingredients. Even our bottles are BPA-free (Bisphenol-A) so as to prevent any hormonal impact on estradiol (estrogen) levels that can affect men’s sexual health. I also wanted to ensure we created a formulation that had nothing in it that could be harmful to my prostate health. That is why we don’t include calcium, B12, selenium or any other ingredients that are either harmful, or have no proven clinical effect. I had to be 100% sure of exactly what I was putting in my own body as my future health was at stake.

So I hope you will spend the time researching the level and quality of our ingredients and understanding the passion and commitment we have in providing you with the best possible therapeutic supplement program for your prostate health. We don’t sell multivitamins and we are not the cheapest product you will find. What we do sell is the best chance of supporting your prostate health based on a natural, high quality, clinical grade formulation that is also directly prescribed to patients by health and medical professionals.

Craig Cooper

Chairman – PR Labs

Irvine, CA

Go to the Prost-P10x Website Here

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“I Sleep Through The Night”, February 20, 2013 Jim P

“Can’t live without it now!”, February 12, 2013 Mo

“There is a lot of value here”, December 6, 2012 D. Guinther (Madison, WI)

“It exceeded my expectations”, October 16, 2012 JLevine

“Prost-P10x. My husband says it’s the best.”, March 12, 2013 Jaemar

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“Great supplement!”, October 19, 2012 Jeff S.

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“FIVE STARS FOR PROSTATE HEALTH”, February 9, 2013 Elizabeth Du Prell (CA)

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“Really helped my dad”, January 20, 2013 Joane

“Effective Product”, October 25, 2012 Michael A. (Maryland)

“Excellent!”, May 1, 2013 Daniel G. McNeil (FORT MILL, SC, US)

“Night-time urination down”, April 11, 2013 Donald Gates “donald” (LA, CA USA)

“Guys this product works!!”, March 28, 2013 Peter Jessy (Chicago, IL USA)

“Best product I have tried so far for prostate”, March 26, 2013 Luis

“It works for me like nothing else has”, March 18, 2013 Henry F. French

“A Supplement that works”, May 20, 2013 Mark Staedtler “Mark” (Los Angeles, CA)

“Great Product !”, May 14, 2013 I. Ashley (USA)

“Best on the market”, May 10, 2013 mozell house

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“Seems Like a Quality Product”, July 25, 2013 RobertL (Great Northwest)

“The best thing to take”, July 25, 2013 Unique

“Prost-P10x a product of class”, July 7, 2013 Alban S.

“It just works”, June 20, 2013 philp3

“Fast Service Good Product”, June 16, 2013 Solomon O. Onita

“My husband says this is working”, June 3, 2013 Irene M Oleksiuk

“Excellent Improvement”, May 27, 2013 Pistachio

“Help at last.. “, May 21, 2013 Timothy H. Birchett “Timine” (Philly)

“So far, so good.”, May 1, 2013 GN

“Great product”, April 19, 2013 Alex IIAF

“An Effective,Comprehensive Formula for the Prostate”, April 1, 2013 Rodney L. Evans (Norfolk,VA USA)

“It’s the best”, March 26, 2013 Alan D.MacDonald

“Great so far”, January 25, 2013 Deborah M

“Working great! Noticeable changes!”, June 7, 2013 Crown Hoffman

“Prost-P10x Passed My Personal Test”, March 25, 2012 R. Bazar

“Seems to be working great”, December 9, 2011 GW “Woodbear” (Pittsburgh, PA)

“Not a miracle cure but definitely works!”, May 6, 2012  Dutch

“Prost-P10x really helps!”, August 8, 2012 Brian Burton

“So Far So Good”, March 4, 2013  Kel Bud “tkp” (Marion, AR)

“Surprised by the good results”, December 25, 2012  Robin Hood (NJ, USA)

“I think it works.”, August 29, 2012 A Buyer (Queens, NY)

“Helpful despite my skepticism”, April 1, 2013 BWylde “musicaldoctor” (Atlanta)

“Gave me a boost”, March 14, 2013 GWB

“Expensive but worth it…”, October 15, 2012  Lewis Tagliaferre “lewtag” (Springfield, VA)

“It’s working well…my situation is improving.”, June 28, 2013 TxPilgrim (Texas)

“Helped a lot”, June 26, 2013 Jody Loker

“Last ditch effort pays off…”, May 18, 2013 Bridget Patrick “LifeLongLearner” (NY)

“Simply said, seems to work”, April 29, 2013 John Wells “provo papa” (Provo, UT USA)

“It Works!”, April 17, 2013  cheryl 

“good stuff”, April 15, 2013 Reno Rich (reno, nv United States)

“seems to work”, January 26, 2013 BB Jones

“Try this product.”, March 4, 2013 Leonard Barchie

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