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Peyronie’s Disease Pictures and Diagrams

Peyronies Disease Pictures

Peyronies disease pictures includes images that are meant for adult viewing only and contain pictures of men with Peyronie’s disease and curved penis.

If you are under 18 years of age do not scroll down this page.

Peyronies Disease Pictures with downward curve shows the extent of this disease and the need for significant treatment for Peyronie’s disease. Men with this level of deformity shown in the Peyronie’s disease pictures have trouble with sexual function, intercourse as well as psychological problems. Various treatments are available for men with Peyronie’s disease including natural treatments such as vitamin E as well as traction, surgery and herbal supplements for Peyronie’s such as Bromelain, a natural substance from pineapples.

Future treatments for Peyronie’s disease include injection therapy as well as other drugs for Peyronie’s which act on the scar tissue to break it down in an attempt to correct this disorder.

Many men seek to have counseling for Peyronie’s as well as joining in Peyronie’s forums to discuss the treatment options and other concerns with men who also suffer from Peyronie’s. There are also active men’s health groups online that can assist men with questions in a confidential manner.

Over 9% of men are possible candidates for treatment for Peyronie’s disease. The exact number of men are unknown as men are reluctant to report this disease or discuss it with their Doctor given that it is a highly personal matter, similar to erectile dysfunction in men, another subject men are reluctant to talk about but of which there are many treatments available.

Peyronies Disease Pictures

Peyronie’s Disease Pictures with Upward Curve
Peyronie's Disease Pictures

Peyronie’s Disease Pictures with Upward Curve
Peyronie's Disease Pictures

Peyronie’s Disease Pictures with Flacid Penis
Peyronies Disease Pictures

Severe Peyronie’s Disease Pictures
Peyronie's Disease Pictures

Severe Peyronie’s Disease Pictures
Peyronie's Disease Pictures

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Dr. Lipshultz is Professor of Urology and Chief of the Division of Male Reproductive Medicine and Surgery at the Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, Texas . He is an internationally acclaimed fertility specialist and a pioneer in the field of urologic microsurgery, specializing in male infertility, erectile dysfunction, microsurgery, genetic causes of infertility, and age-related changes in male hormone levels (androgen replacement). He was a founder of the Society for the Study of Male Reproduction and is a Past President of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine. In addition, he has served on the FDA Advisory Committee for Reproductive Health Drugs. He was the first AUA Research scholar and was awarded the prestigious Hugh Hampton Young Award at the 2005 AUA Annual Meeting. More on Dr. Lipshultz


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