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Top Prostate Supplements

Prostate Supplements for Health

Why are prostate supplements so important for men’s health? One reason is that no matter how hard you try and how dedicated you are to following a healthy diet, you just can’t get all the nutrients you need, especially if you are fighting disease, recovering from treatment or just wanting to maintain maximum immunity as part of a healthy lifestyle. You also work late, travel a lot, don’t have time to prepare healthy meals, eat on the run: there are dozens of excuses for not getting the optimal nutrition your body needs.

In addition, there are the everyday stressors that take a toll on everyone’s health and wear down the immune system: environmental pollutants, work-related stress, inadequate sleep, not enough exercise, financial worries, and other lifestyle matters. Add to this the stress of having a disease and you have the recipe for a compromised immune system that needs support.

Depending on which prostate supplements you take, they can:

Using the Top Prostate Supplement Reviews at

In our Top Supplement Reviews on this site we have reviewed over 250 of the main prostate supplements used for prostate health and related disorders. And while there is anecdotal evidence of claims made across a number of ingredients we have focused on those ingredients that have Tier 1 (Human) and Tier 2 (Animal) studies supporting their efficacy. So for example, where an ingredient/supplement only has claims made by a manufacturer of that prostate supplement or the claim is based on non-clinical studies or other anecdotal claims we have either not included those claims in the review or have stated that those claims are “not based on scientific evidence or clinical studies”.

On the other hand, where there are significant, research backed studies on prostate supplements done over a number of years with placebo and double blind groups in a clinical format we have described the method of research as well as referenced all the studies for further review if needed. Finally, we have focused the reviews on the effect of the relevant prostate supplement on prostate health and related disorders only. So while there may be other claims and benefits they are not covered in the reviews.

Prostate disease is a serious matter and there is a lot at stake: so it’s important to not be induced by marketing claims and be fully aware of the efficacy of the prostate supplements based on clinical and other studies as well as scientifically backed research.

In addition, when looking to purchase a prostate supplement make sure you research properly and ask the right questions as there are a lot of products available to men and you need to make sure you are getting a doctor formulated, quality supplement with the necessary ingredients to make a difference to your prostate health.

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Choosing the Best Prostate Supplement


Here is a general caveat for all natural supplements that you may decide to take: talk to a knowledgeable healthcare professional before taking any new prostate supplements, especially if you are already taking over-the-counter and/or prescription drugs, and/or health supplements, AND if you have any medical condition that you may or may not be treating with medication as some prostate supplements may interfere with your medical treatment.

In addition, not all health supplements are beneficial to prostate health (such as calcium for example). Therefore it is important for you to arm yourself with information about the prostate supplements you are shopping for and to be familiar with the research and clinical studies before you buy. And also be aware of the additives and fillers in supplements that are used in the manufacturing process to ensure you are getting the quality and quantity of ingredients that you are paying for. Most of the additives to prostate supplements are GRAS (“Generally Regarded as Safe”), but the more knowledge you have as to what is in the ingredients, the better prepared you will be in choosing the right prostate supplement for your specific needs.

Also, look for the best prostate supplement that has been manufactured in a FDA audited facility.

The Prost-P10x manufacturer for example is:

• cGMPs compliant for nutritional supplements in accordance with USP

• NSF International registered as a GMP manufacturing facility

• ISO 9001:2008 certified and ISO/IEC 17025:2005 accredited as an in-house laboratory

• A provider of Veri-Match electronic labeling match to ensure content formula accuracy

• VCP (Vendor Certification Program) certified to ensure raw material quality

• FDA Audit Compliant

• An approved facility to produce Certified Organic products

• An approved facility to produce NSF Certified for Sport® products  (free of banned substances as noted from the World’s Doping Organization)

• Danish Medicine Agency GMP Certified

• The #1 Rated Healthcare Practitioner Brand Based on Consumer Satisfaction – 2013 Survey

• A member of the Council For Responsible Nutrition

BREAKING NEWS: Douglas Laboratories, the manufacturer of Prost-P10x, was rated the #1 Healthcare Practitioner Brand in 2013 by a survey conducted by Over 10,000 supplement users reported their satisfaction with 1,438 brands and 851 supplement merchants. In the report responses are analyzed by respondent age, gender and level of supplement use. Read more

Finally, look for the testimonials from other users of the prostate supplement that you are looking to purchase and ask yourself, are these credible testimonials or just “paid actors” or celebrities? Do your research in order to get the product that is right for you.


Created: September 17, 2010

Site last updated 12 February, 2016

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