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Dioscorea Deltoidea Health Benefits

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Dioscorea deltoidea health benefitsDioscorea Deltoidea Health Benefits

Dioscorea deltoidea health benefits may include an ability to raise testosterone levels and improve sexual health. This climbing plant grows in Asia and contains a high concentration of substances called furostanolic saponins, which reportedly boost testosterone levels.

Dioscorea deltoidea belongs to a genus that consists of more than 600 different species of flowering plants. The roots are eaten among traditional cultures.

Numerous supplements on the market that purport to help boost testosterone levels contain dioscorea deltoidea. Some men take these supplements because dioscorea deltoidea health benefits reportedly include an improvement in exercise performance and sexual function. These advantages are said to be related to the presence of the furostanolic saponins, which boost the release of luteinizing hormone from the pituitary gland. The rise in luteinizing hormone in turn can help raise testosterone levels.

However, there are no published scientific studies to support the claims that dioscorea deltoidea and its furostanolic saponins enhance testosterone levels. Research does prove these saponins can be found in dioscorea deltoidea, however, as shown in a study published in Phytochemical Analysis. Several other herbs also contain furostanolic saponins, including fenugreek and tribulus terrestris. Both of these herbs also have been associated with some sexual health benefits, such as boosting libido and help with erectile dysfunction.

Using Dioscorea Deltoidea

Little is known about dioscorea deltoidea health benefits or the risks of taking this supplement for sexual health, erectile dysfunction, or exercise performance. Therefore, men should consult their healthcare provider before taking supplements that contain dioscorea deltoidea or furostanolic saponins.


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