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Natural Treatments for Prostatitis

Natural Treatments for ProstatitisNatural Treatments for Prostatitis

Natural treatments for prostatitis combine a number of approaches including nutrition and supplements, exercise, lifestyle changes, hormone management and stress reduction.

The purpose of this approach is to give the body and immune system the tools it needs to fight infection and manage inflammation.

Supplements for Prostatitis Treatment

Several prostate supplements are especially helpful if you have prostatitis as they can assist in reducing both inflammation and the symptoms associated with this disorder. Supplements that have been proven to be effective in clinical trials include Saw palmetto, Quercetin, Rye grass pollen, Vitamin D3, Zinc, Beta-sitosterol, Pygeum africanum, Curcumin (turmeric), Stinging nettle root,DIM (Indole-3-carbinol (I3C)) and Green tea extract (EGCG catechins). It is important however to get the right combination dosages that have been shown to be effective in clinical studies as natural treatments for prostatitis.


Nutrition and Lifestyle

There are a number of lifestyle and dietary steps you can take to promote prostate health and help in the management of prostatitis when looking at natural treatments for prostatitis.

Natural treatments for prostatitis Consider a wheat-free diet
Although you won’t find any published studies on the topic of a wheat-free diet and prostatitis (at least not yet), there are anecdotal reports from men who have eliminated wheat products from their diet and who then experienced significant reduction or even elimination of prostatitis symptoms.
Try probiotics Try probiotics
Probiotics, or beneficial bacteria, may be an effective addition to antibiotic therapy for men who have bacterial prostatitis. ( Natural treatments for prostatitis ).
Maximize fruit and vegetable servings Maximize fruit and vegetable servings
Fruits and vegetables contain high levels of antioxidants, polyphenols, vitamins, minerals, and fiber, which can help fight infections and inflammation and contribute to overall health. Poor general health is a risk factor for prostatitis, and fruits and vegetables are an antidote.
Eat a low-fat diet Eat healthy fats
A low-fat diet that includes healthy fats (omega-3s, monounsaturated) promotes prostate health, while a high-fat diet activates a protein complex that promotes inflammation. (Vykhovanets)
Choose plant protein over animal protein Choose plant protein over animal protein
Plant protein gives you all the nutrients and health benefits needed for maximum prostate health.  Diets rich in plant protein have been shown to reduce rates of prostate disease.
Consume green tea Consume green tea
Green tea contains substances called catechins that have potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Research indicates that these catechins can be helpful in reducing infection and inflammation in prostatitis. (Yoon (Natural treatments for prostatitis))
Avoid foods and additives that are harmful to prostate health Avoid foods and additives that are harmful to prostate health
Some foods, supplements, additives and nutrients are especially harmful to the prostate, including but not limited to meat, calcium, dairy foods, chondroitin, and foods high in sugar and fat.
Hydrate often Hydrate often
Drinking pure water and staying properly hydrated is essential for prostate health, as dehydration and urinary tract infections are risk factors for prostatitis and can worsen symptoms. 
Achieve and maintain a healthy weight Achieve and maintain a healthy weight
Being overweight is detrimental to overall prostate health and especially so if you are suffering from prostatitis.
Natural treatments for prostatitis Exercise regularly
Physical activity has a preventive effect on prostatitis and inflammation. Exercise should be a part of your daily routine if you have prostatitis.
Manage stress Manage stress
Chronic stress can be very detrimental to the body, weakening the immune system, altering your hormonal balance, and overall exacerbating prostatitis symptoms and making you more susceptible to disease.
Maintain hormone balance Maintain hormone balance
Hormone management and hormone balancing play a major role in prostate health.
Practice safe sex Practice safe sex
Some sexually transmitted diseases, such as gonorrhea, can cause bacterial prostatitis.
Maintain a healthy sex life Maintain a healthy sex life (Natural treatments for prostatitis)
Sex seems to be healthy for your prostate and for prostatitis. Ejaculating two to three times a week is often recommended, especially if you are taking antibiotics.
Practice good hygiene Practice good hygiene
Keep your penis and surrounding area clean to reduce the risk of infection.
Avoid injury to the perineal area Avoid injury to the perineal area
Activities such as riding a horse or a bicycle may cause injury or restrict blood flow to the perineal area and exacerbate symptoms.
Avoid exposure to BPA Avoid exposure to BPA
This toxin has been linked to an increased risk of prostatitis. In addition, it is best to stay away from other environmental chemicals that can increase the risk of developing prostate cancer as well.
Don’t hold it Don’t hold it
Use the bathroom regularly to avoid irritating your urinary tract or possibly causing a urinary tract infection. When you do use the bathroom, do not strain to empty your bladder, as this can cause irritation as well.
Limit alcohol Limit or avoid alcohol
Moderate intake of alcohol (1 to 2 drinks daily) may be safe for some men, but if possible, avoid alcohol, as it can make your symptoms worse.
Avoid constipation Avoid constipation
Include high-fiber foods in your diet every day, and drink plenty of water as well to facilitate movement through the intestinal tract to avoid constipation. Straining to eliminate can trigger prostatitis symptoms if your prostate is inflamed.
Avoid spicy foods Avoid spicy foods
These can worsen your prostatitis symptoms.
Cut caffeine intake Cut caffeine intake
Coffee, colas, some energy drinks, tea, and chocolate are likely caffeine sources and can irritate your prostate and worsen prostatitis symptoms.
Try a sitz bath Try a sitz bath
A sitz bath involves you sitting in just enough warm water to cover your buttocks. This “heats up” your pelvic area and can relieve prostatitis symptoms.
Drink cranberry juice Drink cranberry juice
Cranberry juice (Natural treatments for prostatitis) has long been used to help prevent and treat urinary tract infections, but it wasn’t until scientists analyzed this small reddish fruit that they discovered it contains substances that make it difficult for bacteria to attach to the urinary tract and thus cause infection. Laboratory studies suggest that cranberries have antibacterial activity against Staphylococcus aureus and other infection-causing organisms.


Experiment with Natural Remedies for Prostatitis

Natural prevention and treatment approaches for prostatitis and prostate health can also include:

Ayurvedic Medicine Ayurvedic Medicine
Ayurvedic healing is an ancient system based on the concept that disease is caused by an imbalance in the body and/or karmic disturbances such as having poor relationships or failing to fulfill your life’s purpose.
Physical therapy Physical therapy
Physical therapy for prostatitis may include techniques such as application of heat, use of myofascial trigger point release therapy, biofeedback, progressive relaxation exercises, sitz baths, aerobic exercise, and prostate massage.
Homeopathy Homeopathy
Homeopathy is not supported by a lot of scientific data, however it has been used for several hundred years. Homeopathic treatments for prostate disorders include Sabal serrulat (also known as saw palmetto), Thuja,Bayta-carb, caladium, and carbonica.
Prostate Massage Prostate Massage
Prostate massage is used to treat prostatitis, BPH, male infertility, and other prostate disorders, as well as sexual problems.
Biofeedback therapy Biofeedback therapy
Biofeedback therapy can be an effective way to treat category 3 prostatitis because it is based on the premise that this condition may be due to or associated with pelvic floor tension myalgia (muscle pain), and biofeedback allows men to relax their pelvic floor muscles without the use of medication.
Myofascial trigger point release therapy Myofascial trigger point release therapy
Myofascial trigger point (Natural treatments for prostatitis) and release therapy, along with paradoxical relaxation therapy, may be beneficial for some men whose pelvic pain is caused by abnormal muscular pelvic floor tension; namely for men who suffer with chronic nonbacterial prostatitis/chronic pelvic pain syndrome.
Acupuncture Acupuncture
Acupuncture is an ancient traditional Chinese medicine practice based on the theory that life energy (qi, or chi) flows through the body through invisible channels called meridians.
Reflexology Reflexology
The ancient healing art of reflexology is based on the concept that the body is divided into various zones, and that when pressure is applied to one area of a zone it is possible to relieve pain and other symptoms elsewhere in the same zone.
Stress Management Stress Management
Research shows that stress can worsen symptoms of prostate disorders. (Ullrich) Experts suggest that changes in hormone levels or the involvement of the sympathetic nervous system may explain the association between BPH, for example, and stress. Making stress management techniques, such as deep breathing, exercise, and good nutrition, a part of your daily routine may alleviate your symptoms (Natural treatments for prostatitis).
Meditation Meditation
Numerous studies have been done to evaluate the effectiveness of meditation on stress in various populations as a natural treatments for prostatitis. (Natural treatments for prostatitis)
Yoga Yoga
Yoga has been shown to be effective for relieving anxiety, depression, high blood pressure, and back pain, and in helping cancer patients.
Tai Chi Tai Chi
Tai chi is a graceful form of exercise that reduces stress and tension and helps various other health conditions.
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