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Resources and Links

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LivestrongLivestrong fights to improve the lives of people affected by cancer.WEBSITES
Memorial Sloan-Kettering Prostate Cancer Treatment CenterMemorial Sloan-Kettering is recognized worldwide for its strength in diagnosing and treating prostate cancerTreatment Centers
Memorial Sloan-Kettering Treatment Prediction ToolsThe Sloan-Kettering prostate nomogram is designed to help physicians and patients decide which treatment approaches will result in the greatest benefit. It is recommended that patients using the tool consult with a physician or other professional healthcare provider prior to making any treatment decisionsTreatment Centers
MovemberMovember aims to “change the face” of men’s health through awareness and fund-raising for prostate cancer.Causes, Campaigns & Projects
Prostate Cancer FoundationThe Prostate Cancer Foundation is the leading philanthropic organization funding and accelerating research globally for prostate cancer.Foundations / Research
Prostate Cancer Research InstitutePCRI educates patients and their families about prostate cancer including new advances in diagnosis, staging, treatments and available resources.Foundations / Research
Women Against Prostate CancerWomen Against Prostate Cancer provide supports for the millions of women affected by prostate cancer, and their families.Support / Education
Women's Guide to Prostate Cancer TreatmentProvides education and guidance about the variety of prostate cancer treatments that are available with specific emphasis on issues facing women and caregivers.Support / Education
Zero - The Project to End Prostate CancerZERO aims to reduce the prostate cancer rates globally through research and better treatment options.Causes, Campaigns & Projects
Sexual Medicine Society of North AmericaThe patient website of the Sexual Medicine Society of North America, the group of urologists devoted to research in and the care of sexual disorders.Organizations / Foundations / Research
International Society of Sexual MedicineOrganizations / Foundations / Research
American Urological AssociationOrganizations / Foundations / Research
National Cancer Institute of the National Institutes for HealthOrganizations / Foundations / Research
National Comprehensive Cancer NetworkOrganizations / Foundations / Research
American Cancer SocietyThe American Cancer Society is the leading private cancer organization in the USAOrganizations / Foundations / Research
Clinical Trials DatabaseNational database for clinical trials including prostate cancerOrganizations / Foundations / Research
Us TooSupport group network for men with prostate cancerOrganizations / Foundations / Research
www.phoenix5.orgSupport site for men with prostate cancerOrganizations / Foundations / Research
MalecareA site for patients with prostate cancer, which is run by men with prostate cancer. This group also runs local support groupsOrganizations / Foundations / Research
American Academy of Medical AcupunctureOrganizations / Foundations / Research
American Cancer SocietyOrganizations / Foundations / Research
American Cancer Society Man to Man Support GroupsOrganizations / Foundations / Research
American Foundation For Urologic Disease/Prostate Health CouncilOrganizations / Foundations / Research
American Prostate SocietyOrganizations / Foundations / Research
American Society of Clinical OncologyOrganizations / Foundations / Research
American Urological AssociationOrganizations / Foundations / Research
American Urological Association FoundationOrganizations / Foundations / Research
Cancer Care, Inc.Organizations / Foundations / Research
Cancer Research InstituteOrganizations / Foundations / Research
CaPcure (The Association for the Cure of Cancer of the Prostate)Organizations / Foundations / Research
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)Organizations / Foundations / Research
Department of Veterans AffairsOrganizations / Foundations / Research
Health Insurance Association of America (HIAA)Organizations / Foundations / Research
Health Resources and Services AdministrationHill-Burton ProgramOrganizations / Foundations / Research
International Cancer Alliance (ICARE)Organizations / Foundations / Research
National Cancer InstituteOrganizations / Foundations / Research
National Center for Complementary and Alternative MedicineOrganizations / Foundations / Research
National Comprehensive Cancer NetworkOrganizations / Foundations / Research
The Prostate Cancer InfolinkOrganizations / Foundations / Research
Prostate Cancer Research and Education Foundation (PC-REF)Organizations / Foundations / Research
Prostate Cancer Resource NetworkOrganizations / Foundations / Research
American Academy of Medical AcupunctureInformation on acupuncture: (see American Academy for Medical Acupuncture) WEBSITES - Alternative Therapy offers online and in-person support groups for those going through high-dose chemotherapy. WEBSITES - Chemotherapy
Cancer Supportive CareDrug information for chemotherapy and hormonal therapy, including information on financial assistanceWEBSITES - Chemotherapy
National Coalition for Cancer SurvivorshipNational Coalition for Cancer Survivorship (, 877-NCCS-YES) offers a free audio program, "Cancer Survivor Toolbox, including ways to cope with the illness. (Web site also has a newsletter, requiring yearly membership fee) WEBSITES - Coping
Bloch Cancer FoundationR.A. Bloch Cancer Foundation ( offers an inspirational online book about cancer, relaxation techniques, and positive outlooks on fighting cancer, as well as trained one-onone support from fellow cancer patients. WEBSITES - Coping
USDA Dietary GuidelinesWEBSITES – Cancer Prevention
American Institute for Cancer ResearchAmerican Institute for Cancer Research provides tips on how to reduce cancer risk. www.aicr.orgWEBSITES – Cancer Prevention
Cancer Research Foundation of America's Healthy Eating SuggestionsCancer Research Foundation of America's Healthy Eating Suggestions: WEBSITES – Cancer Prevention is a website designed to help children understand and deal with the effects of cancer on a parent WEBSITES - Family
The National Society of Genetic CounselorsThe National Society of Genetic Counselors web site ( lists society members, complete with specialty. WEBSITES - Genetic
The National Cancer InstituteThe National Cancer Institute has a searchable list of health care professionals who specialize in genetics and can provide information and counseling.WEBSITES - Genetic on genetics and cancerWEBSITES - Genetic
The American Cancer SocietyThe American Cancer Society offers a number of relevant documents to help understand your coverage, legal protections, and how to find financial assistance. Search using keyword "insurance."WEBSITES – Legal, Financial and Insurance
Medicaid InformationWEBSITES – Legal, Financial and Insurance offers information about programs sponsored by pharmaceutical manufacturers to help people who cannot afford to purchase necessary drugs.WEBSITES – Legal, Financial and Insurance offers listings of where to look for financial assistance. WEBSITES – Legal, Financial and Insurance
The National Financial Resource Book for PatientsThe National Financial Resource Book for Patients: A State-by-State DirectoryWEBSITES – Legal, Financial and Insurance
Family Medical Leave ActWEBSITES – Legal, Financial and Insurance
AIM DocFinder (State Medical Board Executive Directors)Nonprofit organization providing a health professional licensing database. WEBSITES – Physicians and Hospitals
AMA Physician Select (American Medical Association)AMA database of demographic and professional information on individual physicians in the United States. WEBSITES – Physicians and Hospitals
American Board of Medical SpecialtiesAmerican Board of Medical Specialties: provides verification of physician qualifications and has lists of specialists., 1-866-ASK-ABMS or American Board of Medical Specialties, 1007 Church Street, Suite 404, Evanston, IL 60201-5913
WEBSITES – Physicians and Hospitals
Best Hospitals Finder (US. News & World Report)The US. News hospital rankings are designed to assist patients in their search for the highest level of medical care. Database is searchable by specialty, including the top cancer hospitals ( or by geographic region. WEBSITES – Physicians and Hospitals
Best HMOs Finder (US. News & World Report)U. S. News guide to choosing a managed-care option. WEBSITES – Physicians and Hospitals
Hospital Select (American Medical Association & Medical-Net, Inc.)Hospital locator database is searchable by hospital name, city, state, or zip code. Hospital Select data include basic information (name, address, telephone number); beds and utilization; service lines; and accreditation. WEBSITES – Physicians and Hospitals
National Cancer Institute Designated Cancer CentersDirectory of NCI-designated Cancer Centers, 58 research¬ oriented U.S. institutions recognized for scientific excellence and extensive cancer resources. Listings feature phone contact numbers, website links and a brief summary of website resources.WEBSITES – Physicians and Hospitals
National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN)The National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN) is an alliance of leading cancer centers. NCCN members ( provide the highest quality in cancer care and cancer research. NCCN offers a patient informa¬tion and referral service ( page_5.htm) that responds to cancer-related inquiries and provides referrals to member institutions' programs and services (1-888-909-6226). WEBSITES – Physicians and Hospitals
Approved Hospital Cancer Program (Commission on Cancer of the American College of Surgeons)The Approvals Program of the Commission on Cancer surveys hospitals, treatment centers, and other facilities according to stan¬dards set by the Committee on Approvals, which recommends approval awards in specific categories based on these surveys. A hospital that has received approval has voluntarily committed itself to providing the best in diagnosis and treatment of cancer. Approved hospitals can be searched by city, state, and category. WEBSITES – Physicians and Hospitals
Association of Community Cancer Centers: Cancer Centers and Member ProfilesGeographic listing of ACCC members with contact informa¬tion, and description of cancer program and services as provided by the member institutions.WEBSITES – Physicians and Hospitals
HMOs and Other Managed Care Plans (Cancer Care)Discusses the advantages and disadvantages of HMO care.WEBSITES – Physicians and Hospitals
The American Board of Medical SpecialitiesThe American Board of Medical Specialities; click on "who's certified" button (search by physician name or by specialty) WEBSITES – Physician Qualifications
National Cancer InstituteNational Cancer Institute/CancerNet: Radiation Therapy and You: A Guide to Self-Help During Cancer Treatment By phone, free of charge: 1-800-4-CANCER (in English and Spanish) WEBSITES - Radiation
American Cancer Society SUPPORT / ADVOCACY / EDUCATION
American Society of Clinical OncologySUPPORT / ADVOCACY / EDUCATION
American Urological AssociationaSUPPORT / ADVOCACY / EDUCATION
Foundation for Cancer Research and EducationSUPPORT / ADVOCACY / EDUCATION
HRPCa.orgDeveloped by and for patients with hormone-refractory prostate cancer; frank, well-researched, patient-centered information SUPPORT / ADVOCACY / EDUCATION
Man to Man, local groups of the American Cancer SocietySUPPORT / ADVOCACY / EDUCATION
National Alliance of State Prostate Cancer CoalitionsSUPPORT / ADVOCACY / EDUCATION
National Comprehensive Cancer NetworkSUPPORT / ADVOCACY / EDUCATION
National Prostate Cancer CoalitionSUPPORT / ADVOCACY / EDUCATION
Patient Advocates for Advanced Cancer TreatmentsSUPPORT / ADVOCACY / EDUCATION
Prostate Cancer Education CouncilSUPPORT / ADVOCACY / EDUCATION
Prostate Cancer FoundationSUPPORT / ADVOCACY / EDUCATION
Prostate Cancer Research and Education FoundationSUPPORT / ADVOCACY / EDUCATION
Prostate Cancer Research InstituteSUPPORT / ADVOCACY / EDUCATION
Us TOO International Prostate Cancer Education and Support NetworkSUPPORT / ADVOCACY / EDUCATION
American Cancer SocietyNational, community-based organization that provides comprehensive information and resources, makes referrals to treatment centers, provides free publications, and sponsors a support group called Man to Man.Find Help
American Foundation for Urologic DiseasesSupports research and provides educational material on prostate cancer, erectile dysfunction, and other urological conditions. Also sponsors US TOO, a support group for prostate cancer survivors and their families (see below).Find Help
The Brady Urological InstituteThis website has many news articles about the latest research n prostate cancer at Johns Hopkins.Find Help
Cancer Care, Inc.A nonprofit organization that provides free professional help to patients and families through counseling, education, information and referral, and direct financial assistance.Find Help
CaPCURECaPCURE’s mission is to identify and support prostate cancer research that will rapidly translate into treatments and cures; has information about clinical trials.Find Help
National Association of ContinenceFind Help
National Cancer Institute Cancer Information ServiceNational clearinghouse, with an extensive health information database and educational material. To learn about National Cancer Institute cancer trials, see this web site: www.cancertrials.nci.nih.govFind Help
National Hospice OrganizationFind Help
National Library of MedicineThis web site helps you gain access to millions of scientific publications and abstracts.Find Help
Prostate Cancer Support NetworkPCSN, affiliated with the American Foundation for Urologic Disease, provides services for several support groups, self-help organizations, and their members, including “Us Too”.Find Help
Uro TodayOnline news and education resourceWEBSITES
JoMo.comInformation on Natural Joint Pain Treatment, Liquid Glucosamine and Joint Pain SupplementsWEBSITES
TheKnee.comInformation on Osteoarthritis, Knee Surgery, Knee Pain and Joint Pain Treatment as well as exercises and tips for healthy knees.WEBSITES
HerbalishousHerbalishous corp markets herbal supplements from leading companies manufacturing high quality herbal products. WEBSITES
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