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Newsletter Archive

Browse through previous newsletters, filled with Health and Wellness Tips for men:

DateNewsletter Subject
10/15/2012The Most Common Sexual Health Problem for Men under 45
10/13/2012Top Natural Remedies for Sexual Health
10/11/2012Prostate Cancer Facts and Fiction
10/08/2012How Do ED Drugs Work?
10/05/2012How to Know if You Have Male Breast Cancer
10/03/2012Do You Need a Testosterone Test?
9/29/2012Best Fruit for Prostate and Anti-aging
9/27/2012Best Natural Treatments for Low T
9/25/2012Natural Cancer Killers
9/23/2012Top Supplements for Sexual Health
9/21/2012What Causes Prostate Growth?
9/18/2012I Have an Enlarged Prostate, Now What?
9/15/2012Is Sex Healthy?
9/13/2012Erectile Dysfunction: What Increases Your Risk?
9/10/2012The Most Feared Side Effect of Prostate Cancer Treatment
9/07/201210 Myths About Prostate Cancer
8/31/2012What NOT to Do Before Your PSA Test
8/30/2012Can Nuts Help Your Sex Life?
8/29/2012What is the Best Vegetable for Men's Sexual Health?
8/28/2012Do You Have Low T?
8/25/2012Ten Functions of the Prostate Gland
8/21/2012Does Testosterone Therapy Cause Cancer?
8/17/2012What Causes the Penis to Shrink?
8/13/2012What Are the Options for Prostate Cancer Treatment? It All Depends on the Numbers
8/10/2012Study Shows 5% of Men Who Take This Drug for BPH Want to Commit Suicide
8/07/2012Can Bike Riding Cause Erectile Dysfunction?
7/25/2012What ED Drug is Most Preferred by Men?
7/18/2012What Your Doctor Doesn't Tell You About Treatments for BPH
7/13/2012Provenge: A Different Kind of Prostate Cancer Treatment
7/11/2012What's Wrong and Right with Soy?
7/7/2012What are the Chances of Getting Prostate Cancer?
6/26/2012Can Zytiga and Provenge be Used as Combination Therapy for Prostate Cancer?
6/21/2012Stendra. The Latest ED Drug. Does it Work?
6/18/2012Can Eating Red Meat Kill You?
6/15/2012How is Prostate Cancer Detected?
6/12/2012Provenge vs Zytiga for Prostate Cancer: What You Should Know
6/12/2012Natural Ways to Increase Testosterone
6/9/2012Can Sex Give You Prostate Disease?
6/6/2012Can Marijuana Treat Cancer?
5/29/2012Do You Have Peyronie's Disease?
5/29/2012Sugar and Artificial Sweeteners Shown to Cause Cancer
5/25/2012Can Prostate Cancer be Prevented?
5/21/2012Breaking News Government Recommends Against PSA Screening for ALL men
5/21/2012Prost-P10x New Formula Now Shipping
5/21/2012What Causes Prostate Cancer?
5/17/2012Does Saw Palmetto Work for Prostate Conditions?
4/13/2012Lipitor vs Red Yeast Rice
3/19/2012Future Prostate Cancer Treatments
3/12/2012The PSA Test
3/5/2012Saw Palmetto v Flomax
2/27/2012Are Human Growth Hormones Safe?
2/16/2012Can You Lower Your PSA?
2/5/2012Do You Need Testosterone Therapy?
Green Tea and Prostate Health
What's in Prost-P10x
BPH Side Effects, Stinging Nettle Review, Priapsm
Natural Treatments for BPH
Best Foods for Sexual Health
Is BPH Giving You ED?
12/17/2011Health Professionals Update
Statins and Prostate Cancer
Pollen and Quercetin for Prostatitis
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Launch of Incontinence Health Center
11/30/2011Preventing Prostatitis and Pollen for Prostate Health
11/25/2011How to Reduce Your PSA
11/19/2011The "Movember" Diet
11/07/2011Celebrities With Prostate Cancer
10/31/2011Prost-P10x Press Release
10/23/2011Health Professional Update
10/20/2011The Real Facts About Vitamin E
10/12/2011Natural Treatments for BPH
9/19/2011 Health Professional Update
9/7/2011Health Professionals Update
9/05/2011Modified Citrus pectin for Prostate Cancer Treatment
9/03/2011Henne Group BPH Research Trial Recruitment
8/22/2011 Health Professionals Update
8/20/2011 Health Professionals Update
8/10/2011 Health Professionals Update
8/10/2011BPH -Trial and Study
7/30/2011Should I Get Checked for Prostate Cancer?
7/16/2011Can You Have Too Much Sex?
7/9/2011Can the Mediterranean Diet Beat Cancer?
7/2/2011What NOT To Do Before Your PSA Test
6/21/2011Foods to Avoid for Better Men's Health
6/11/2011FDA Warning on Prostate Health
Created: July 4, 2011

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